Brighton, MI Orthopedic Surgeon

At Dr. Vic Gibson’s office in Brighton, Michigan you’ll experience compassionate care as you rediscover a life without hip or knee pain. Dr. Gibson is a trusted Brighton, MI orthopedic surgeon whose minimally invasive joint replacement techniques make him one of the only outpatient hip surgeons in the state. By using technologically advanced methods, you can expect a quicker recovery on the road to more comfortable mobility.

Hip Surgeon

Dr. Gibson is a leader in quick recovery surgery and is able to perform hip replacement surgery right from his office. As an expert hip surgeon, Dr. Gibson continues to guide the medical community and orthopedic surgery toward better outpatient procedures while remaining in a convenient location to serve those who live in the Brighton, MI area.

Types of Hip Surgery

As an orthopedic surgeon specializing in technologically advanced services, Dr. Gibson offers anterior hip replacement surgery in order to achieve maximum results with as little pain as possible. Many orthopedic surgeons may recommend posterior hip replacement surgery or lateral hip replacement surgery however these surgeries involve cutting through tendons or muscles which can lead to increased discomfort, longer recovery times, uneven legs, and other issues.

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Knee Surgeon

With a convenient location for outpatient knee surgery in Brighton, MI as well as being a part of the St. Joseph Mercy Hospital network, Dr. Vic Gibson is a dedicated knee surgeon with a knowledgeable team delivering compassionate care. By using Biomet XP procedures, the minimally invasive ligament sparing knee surgery offers reduced pain during its shortened recovery time.

Types of Knee Surgery

If you’re in need of partial knee replacement surgery or ligament sparing surgery, Dr. Gibson will be able to use his proven methods and innovative technology to reduce recovery time while ensuring the ideal results. You can experience greater stability and range of motion without a total knee replacement. If you require total knee replacement surgery, Dr. Gibson can offer you the type of services that will get you on your way to pain-free mobility.

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Dr. Vic Gibson is an experienced and skilled orthopedic surgeon offering a knee and hip replacement surgery. By using advanced technologies, patients are discovering they can experience a pain-free life of stability and mobility. No longer will you have to suffer with aches and pains from your hip or knee. Contact Dr. Gibson to schedule your consultation and learn how easy it can be to maintain your active lifestyle thanks to this minimally invasive surgery.

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