Anterior Hip Replacement

Hip Replacement, doctor with xrays

When arthritis and joint pain begin to limit your lifestyle and you can barely walk without aching, it might be time to consider surgery. With anterior total hip replacement surgery, Dr. Gibson can have you back on your feet often the same day you come in!

Anterior hip replacement surgery is a new approach to hip joint replacement that was developed to reduce damage to the surrounding muscles and tendons. By accessing the hip frontally with a special retractor, instead of through the side or rear of the hip as in lateral or posterior hip surgery, your orthopedic surgeon avoids damaging muscles and tendons that stabilize your hip and greatly reduces the chance of post-surgical dislocation or mismatched leg length.

In addition, the lack of damage to the connecting hip muscles and ligaments means your reconstructed hip will be better supported. With greater natural support comes less pain, a shorter recovery time, and less precautions after surgery. Walking out of the hospital after a hip replacement surgery used to be unthinkable-- now not only can patients walk out with just a cane or other support, most patients can walk on their own after just three weeks!

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