About the Procedure

In order to make sure your orthopedic care is the best it can be, Dr. Gibson routinely trains in and perfects the most advanced techniques in his field. That's why he was one of the first in the state to perform an outpatient anterior hip replacement surgery.

The surgery itself is revolutionary in its use of a special retractor, which allows better access to the femur than earlier frontal-approach surgeries. By approaching the hip from the front of the body, there is a much clearer path to both parts of the hip joint through one small incision, and more of your body's naturally supportive soft tissue is undamaged. In addition, your surgeon uses an X-ray machine to make perfectly sure the placement of your new hip is as close to natural as possible.

With these techniques, the anterior hip replacement procedure does a lot of good! Not only does it remove pain and stiffness in your hip joint, but it creates a naturally moving, quick-healing hip that removes post-operative problems found in more traditional procedures, like leg-length discrepancy and dislocation.

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