Comparative Benefits of Anterior Hip Surgery

Why choose to see an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in an anterior approach to hip replacement surgery? There are many reasons! Anterior hip surgery involves a shorter recovery period and less chance of hip dislocation after surgery than more traditional processes and, for those patients that qualify, the possibility of walking out of the hospital the same day you've had your surgery. A more complete list of benefits includes:

  • Less Scarring: The smaller incision means a smaller and less noticeable scar post-operation.
  • Minimal Soft Tissue Damage: Because anterior hip surgery was designed with the purpose of minimizing harm to the surrounding muscles and ligaments, your soft tissue receives less damage than with a lateral or posterior approach. That in turn leads to...
    • Reduced Pain Post-Op: Since less tissue is damaged, there is less pain during the healing process!
    • Faster Recovery: Less damage means a faster recovery time! Most patients are done with physical therapy within six weeks, as compared to the 4-6 months required for traditional approaches.
    • More Natural Hip Movement: With the muscles and tendons left intact, your new hip has more support and will move in a more normal gait.
  • Lower Chance of Related Leg Problems Post-Op: The more traditional posterior and lateral approaches have as much as a 6% chance of dislocating after surgery compared to anterior surgery's 0.1 percent. To offset this, some surgeons would choose to lengthen a patient's leg slightly to decrease the chance of dislocation. As the anterior approach already has very little chance of dislocation, leg-lengthening, which can be noticed by patients even at a half-centimeter of difference, isn't needed.
  • Fewer Precautions & Restrictions: With the increased natural hip support of the intact muscles and ligaments, patients don't have as many necessary restrictions on their movement or precautions to take during their recovery.
  • Decreased Hospital Stay: 80-90% of anterior hip replacement surgery patients can go home the next day. Some qualifying patients can also leave the same day!

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