Lateral Hip Replacement

If you are considering lateral hip surgery or have had it recommended to you, it’s important to know what the process involves. By cutting through the muscles and tendon at the side of your hip, an orthopedic surgeon can replace parts of your hip socket damaged by arthritis or trauma.

Unfortunately, the cutting of the gluteus medius tendon can come with more undesired side-effects than anterior hip surgery. Lateral hip replacement surgery can result in an increased chance of hip dislocation, uneven legs, and long-term post-surgical pain and discomfort. Lateral hip replacement patients usually must obey strict precautions for three months to safeguard their hips and can retain a limp for up to a year.

Consider anterior hip replacement surgery instead. By reducing the amount of damage to the surrounding joint tissue, this specialized new process also reduces post-surgery inconveniences like a lack of musculoskeletal support and extended recovery times. In fact, patients have been known to return to unassisted movement just a few weeks after the procedure! Contact our team to find out if anterior hip surgery is right for you.

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