Posterior Hip Replacement

Posterior hip replacement surgery offers patients suffering from arthritis and other forms of hip joint damage an opportunity to move without slow-onset stiffness or joint pain. But is this procedure really the one that’s right for you?

Cutting through the muscles and tendons supporting the hip creates a greater risk of hip dislocation after surgery than anterior hip replacement, as well as a longer and more painful recovery. This approach can even cause the patient’s leg to be lengthened during the surgery-- while a half-centimeter difference in leg length might not sound like a lot, it can be very noticeable to the patient!

To avoid the dissatisfaction related to a posterior approach to hip replacement, consider anterior hip surgery instead. Not only does the specialized frontal approach have less chance of displacement or leg-length discrepancy, it also maintains greater musculoskeletal integrity. What does that mean for you, the patient? Less pain, less recovery time, and almost no strict precautions post surgery-- you might even be able to walk out of the hospital the same day! Find out if anterior hip replacement surgery is right for you by contacting our specialized orthopedic team today.

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