Why Anterior Replacement is Preferable to Posterior

By choosing posterior hip replacement surgery, you may unintentionally be putting yourself at risk for several post-operative discomforts, as well as a longer and more painful recovery process. Luckily, Dr. Gibson is one of the most experienced surgeons performing anterior hip replacement surgery, which is a safer and faster process.

To understand why anterior hip surgery is preferable to other more traditional methods, it is important to understand that your hip joint is supported by the strength and tension of the muscles that surround it. Strong, healthy thigh and pelvis muscles work with the tendons to support, move, stretch, and rotate your hip joint. Posterior hip surgery accesses your hip by making an incision through your gluteus maximus and two tendons-- that's less support and more pain while healing!

An anterior approach to hip replacement surgery, however, uses special techniques and equipment to cause as little harm as is medically possible to your existing muscle support. Not only does this mean you have fewer injuries to heal during recovery, but it also means your new hip will be more secure and move more naturally. Find out if you are eligible for this kinder, safer process by contacting us today.

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