I Am Back To Being Active

Thank you for the opportunity to participate. The following is my testimonial of my experience with my surgery and recovery:

I was always a very active person, involved in coaching my son’s soccer team, walking, motorcycle riding all sorts of outdoor activities. One day I noticed that my knees were beginning to hurt at the end of the day. Then my left knee started to “lock up” as I referred to it, it would just get stuck in one position for days at a time. The pivotal point for me was when my husband and I wanted to take a long motorcycle trip and I realized that I would have to follow him in the car instead of riding with him on the back of the bike because my knees could not take the vibration. I came home from that trip and called Dr. Gibson’s office for an appointment. I knew Dr. Gibson because he had repaired my meniscus the year before. Also, I have the privilege of working in the health care field and knew that several of my patients had success with Dr. Gibson doing their surgeries.

My problem, as it was determined through X-ray and MRI, was no cartilage on the medial side of both knees, that means the inside part of my knees. This caused excruciating pain with any sort of weight bearing movement. Dr. Gibson recommended a procedure called a unilateral compartmental bilateral partial knee replacement that means both knees. I opted to do them both at the same time just to get it over with since I knew they were both bad. He uses the Oxford brand and had a model in his office that he used to show me how it worked and where it would be placed in my knees. He said it would act kind of like a replacement for the cartilage that I had lost. I liked the idea of just having a partial replacement of my knees and not touching the part of the joint that was in good condition, especially since I had to have both done.

Dr. Gibson advised me to prepare for surgery by getting to the gym to try and build some muscle around that joint to help make my recovery easier. I did what he asked me to do and subsequently had a recovery that uneventful recovery in terms of no setbacks or infection. I felt like Dr. Gibson wanted me to give me my life back as much as I wanted it for myself. I also felt like he gave me the proper tools to make it happen.

Today, I am back to being active playing with my grandchildren and riding motorcycles, gardening and walking. I feel like Dr. Gibson and his team gave me my life back, from beginning to end, office staff to surgical team, I was treated kindly and with great respect. Dr. Gibson always took the time to listen to my concerns and always offered some words of encouragement and advice to help with my surgery and a successful recovery and would recommend him to anyone needing any type of joint replacement.

-- Dawn G.

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