Benefits of Minimally Invasive Surgery

Wondering what makes minimally invasive surgery so incredible? It's the time and pain it saves you! Compared to more traditional joint replacement procedures, minimally invasive joint replacement has a shorter recovery time, less time spent in the hospital, more postoperative stability, and lets you regain a larger and more natural range of motion after physical therapy. Dr. Gibson specializes in minimally invasive hip and knee surgery.

Minimally invasive surgery is called so because your orthopedic surgeon can reach your joint with a smaller incision, as well as being able to spare the tendons and muscle around your joint. These soft tissues are what support and move your joint, so sparing them not only lessens the pain associated with your joint replacement but greatly aids in your healing after surgery. Traditional methods, on the other hand, force the surgeon to cut through soft tissue and destroy the body's natural support, creating more damage your body needs to heal before you're ready to move normally.

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