Therapeutic Injections

If you don't feel you're ready to undergo surgery as an option for arthritis relief but are still being held back from daily activity thanks to knee joint pain, you might consider therapeutic injections. While this method of care treats the symptoms of knee pain and not the cause, these pain-relieving injections can still mitigate your discomfort and allow you to go about your life more comfortably than before.

There are two kinds of injections available: cortisone and viscosupplementation. Cortisone is a steroid and anti-inflammatory, and can lessen joint pain by decreasing the swelling around the joint. Viscosupplementation contains a chemical known as hyaluronic acid, which is found in healthy knees' cartilage. However, viscosupplementation injections do not rebuild or replace cartilage; they may simply provide some patients with symptomatic relief.

The results of therapeutic injections like cortisone and viscosupplementation may differ for each individual. Some patients respond well to these treatments and can get six months of pain relief after each session, but others may experience considerably shorter improvement. Only 50% of patients show an improvement of symptoms after viscosupplementation, and cortisone relief can be as short as 1 to 2 weeks. For a long-term solution, consider ligament sparing total or partial knee surgery-- it's minimally invasive and you could be walking out of the hospital as soon as later that day.

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