Lansing, MI Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Gibson has a solid reputation for providing reliable and technologically advanced knee and hip replacement surgery to patients in Lansing. For those seeking out a Lansing, MI orthopedic surgeon, they will find that Dr. Vic Gibson’s state of the art techniques allow for decreased recovery times and less pain making him a great choice to help you get back on your feet.

Knee Surgeon

Dr. Gibson’s unique methods to knee replacement surgery have benefited many patients from Lansing. Having been trained in the Biomet XP procedure, Dr. Gibson has the distinguished reputation of providing this minimally invasive knee surgery which puts patients on the path toward a quick recovery.

Types of Knee Surgery

For patients experiencing arthritis in the medial part of the knee joint, it may be best to have partial knee replacement surgery to ease this burden. Dr. Gibson offers a minimally invasive partial knee replacement surgery which is followed by a speedier recovery. Dr. Gibson is a knee surgeon who has helped patients from all over Michigan and has been trained using the Biomet XP method which is an advanced and less invasive approach to ligament sparing knee replacement surgery. The effects of this great surgery include better stability and a more natural range of knee motion.

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Hip Surgeon

When you visit Dr. Gibson’s Brighton office, you’ll discover he and his highly-skilled team is trusted to perform an innovative and advanced type of hip replacement surgery which provides a shorter recovery period and minimal amount of time spent in the hospital; in some instances, patients were able to leave the day of the surgery. For Lansing residents researching knowledgeable and highly-trained orthopedic surgeons, Dr. Gibson is the hip surgeon you can trust.

Types of Hip Surgery

Anterior hip replacement surgery is the least invasive surgery with the smallest muscle and tendon damage occurring. Dr. Gibson’s anterior hip replacement surgery is designed to alleviate any arthritis and joint pain you may be experiencing. If you’re committed to regaining your active lifestyle then visit Dr. Vic Gibson’s office and learn how his anterior hip replacement surgery supersedes posterior hip replacement surgery or lateral hip replacement surgery.

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Dr. Gibson offers a distinct and innovative approach to helping patients combat their knee pain or hip pain through tested minimally invasive surgery. Call Dr. Gibson's office today for a consultation and learn how he can help you lead a better life.

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