New Knees

My knees were in pretty bad shape. I was 62 years old, and arthritis had destroyed most of one knee and some of the other. It was time for something to be done. I consulted a physician who had done shoulder surgery for my husband and was told that both knees needed full replacement and had to be done in two separate surgeries.

I had seen Dr. Gibson a few years before when I had broken my ankle and decided to see what he thought about my knees. Doctor Gibson told me I needed one knee fully replaced, but the other could be a partial replacement and he could do both in the same surgery. Wow, big difference!

Because I had other health issues, I had to be sure that he and his staff would work with my specialist to address medication during and after surgery. They consulted with my doctor and the staff at the hospital and were ready. Surgery went very well. Within three days, I was home and well on my way to making a full recovery.

Dr. Gibson and his staff were pleasant, professional and helpful from start to finish. Now I'm back to my busy lifestyle and can do just about anything I want. I highly recommend Dr. Gibson to anyone in need of knee surgery.

-- Joan R.

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