Royal Oak, MI Orthopedic Surgeon

For those looking for a professional and compassionate Royal Oak, MI orthopedic surgeon you’ll want to discover how Dr. Gibson can help you. Part of the Saint Joseph Mercy Hospital network, Dr. Gibson’s Brighton office is equipped to provide the latest in technologically advanced hip replacement and knee replacement surgery services with quick recovery times; by using these advanced techniques many patients are able to leave the hospital to day of their surgery.

Hip Surgeon

Believe it or not, Dr. Gibson sees many hip replacement patients from the Royal Oak area who are eager to use his minimally invasive surgery as a means for leading a more mobile and active lifestyle. Dr. Gibson specializes in anterior hip replacement surgery which, unlike posterior hip replacement surgery or lateral hip replacement surgery, causes minimal tendon and muscle damage, and therefore creates a faster recovery time. As a trusted hip surgeon, Dr. Gibson has performed orthopedic surgery on patients from all over Michigan eager to utilize his services.

Types of Hip Surgery

There are various hip surgeries that can be performed however Dr. Gibson offers a minimally invasive procedure which will help alleviate arthritis pain and joint pain. When you have the anterior hip replacement surgery at Dr. Gibson’s office, you’ll find you’re being taken care of by a compassionate and dedicated medical team. The innovative approach used by Dr. Gibson has allowed many patients to leave the hospital the same day as their surgery and most within the following day.

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Knee Surgeon

Dr. Vic Gibson is a dedicated knee surgeon who has treated many patients from Royal Oak interested in gaining back their stability as well as the ability to move their legs with greater comfort. Dr. Gibson is trained in the Biomet XP procedure which is a minimally invasive ligament sparing knee surgery that has the advantage of a quicker recovery time with reduced pain.

Types of Knee Surgery

By choosing Dr. Gibson as your orthopedic surgeon, you can experience greater stability and range of motion without undergoing total knee replacement surgery. Whether you require partial knee replacement surgery or ligament sparing surgery, Dr. Gibson can utilize his unique knowledge and dedicated training in the latest innovative procedures to achieve the best results. If you do need total knee replacement surgery, Dr. Gibson and his exceptional and caring team can help you get on the path to a pain-free and active lifestyle once again.

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Quick and comfortable orthopedic surgery is available with Dr. Gibson. For those who need hip replacement surgery or knee replacement surgery, Dr. Gibson along with the Saint Joseph Mercy Hospital system will use their minimally invasive approach to ensure reduced recovery times with the shortest possible hospital stay. Call today to set up your consultation.

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