I fell and injured my right hip which interfered with our active life style, could not golf or walk without severe pain. A good friend of ours had his hip replaced by Dr Gibson and he strongly recommended that I talk to him. I called Dr Gibson’s... Read More.
Thank you for the opportunity to participate. The following is my testimonial of my experience with my surgery and recovery: I was always a very active person, involved in coaching my son’s soccer team, walking, motorcycle riding all sorts of... Read More.
Osteoarthritis in both knees, bone on bone. The pain was terrible, I was limited in just about anything involving knee movement. My wife and I researched for a doctor reading reviews and other testimonies, wanted to stay local if possible, after... Read More.
My name is Clem and back in 2009 I had total right hip replacement done by Dr. Gibson that helped me get on with my life, it was very successful. 2013 I had to have the left hip done and this time Dr. Gibson did this surgery different and I was out... Read More.
I saw Dr. Gibson for painful arthritis in my left hip. I had replacement surgery on my right hip by a different surgeon the previous year and it was done laterally, or through the side. My experience was that of extreme pain and discomfort, post... Read More.
In November of 2012, under the care of another orthopedic surgeon, I entered the hospital for a minor out-patient procedure to repair a torn meniscus. I was given my 2-page post op instructions, told to avoid aspirin, and upon my release, walked out... Read More.
Karen Langdon got help from Dr. Gibson. So can you. See her story here.
After more than two years of having pain in my hip area including reduced mobility and range of motion, I saw my primary physician. It was recommended I have an MRI, which prompted her to recommend I see an orthopedic surgeon and Dr. Gibson was her... Read More.
My knees were in pretty bad shape. I was 62 years old, and arthritis had destroyed most of one knee and some of the other. It was time for something to be done. I consulted a physician who had done shoulder surgery for my husband and was told that... Read More.
I came to Dr. Gibson with two seriously degenerated hips and in a matter of two short months, Dr. Gibson had restored me to like new condition. I am now able to do things, such as walking long distances, going up and down stairs and ladders and... Read More.

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