True Quality of Care

In November of 2012, under the care of another orthopedic surgeon, I entered the hospital for a minor out-patient procedure to repair a torn meniscus. I was given my 2-page post op instructions, told to avoid aspirin, and upon my release, walked out of the hospital. Normally, this is where the story would end. But this is where it begins. 8 days later, with a swollen ankle, and in agonizing pain, I was finally told a different surgery had been performed - a non-weight bearing surgery - one that would have required aspirin therapy. The ending result was 3 blood clots in my leg requiring a 3-mth regimen of Coumadin, a restricted diet due to the drug, and because I walked on my knee, I destroyed it, ultimately requiring a knee replacement.

Needing a new doctor, I began asking friends and family who they would recommend. There were many highly qualified physicians, but Dr. Gibson was recommended most often. Needless to say I entered his office, that first day, in pain, and quite frankly, terrified. Right from the start Dr. Gibson was honest with me about the condition of my knee, put me at ease with his self-deprecating humor, and answered every question I had thoroughly, and with a good amount of patience. We discussed several options - from palliative care to surgery. Wanting to avoid surgery, I opted for palliative care, but after several months realized that a replacement was my only real option. During the pre-surgical appointment, Dr. Gibson told me there was a good chance I was a candidate for a partial replacement, but he couldn't be 100% certain until the actual surgery. He went over the entire procedure, and explained, in great detail, the differences between a partial, and a full replacement, and what I could expect from the outcome of both. In August of 2014, I entered the hospital and had my right knee partially replaced. I'm not sure if I can explain the true quality of care I received from Dr. Gibson's team. I can only say I felt coddled, and cared for, from pre-op to post-op. There seemed to always be someone there if I needed anything, and amazingly enough, even if I didn't. Never once did I feel alone in the process. I am now 2 years post op, and I can say the experience was nothing if not positive. I have my life back thanks to Dr. Gibson and his team.
-- Geralyn S.

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