This Whole Experience Was Life Changing For Me and My Family

Osteoarthritis in both knees, bone on bone. The pain was terrible, I was limited in just about anything involving knee movement. My wife and I researched for a doctor reading reviews and other testimonies, wanted to stay local if possible, after visiting Dr. Gibson for the initial consultation we decided he would be the doctor. Dr. Gibson discussed different ways to help improve my knees initially without having surgery, I went through a series of gel injections that only worked short term. Then we talked about knee replacement. Dr. Gibson was very involved with my situation from the beginning to the end. He made sure that my follow up care/ recovery was set up, and it was. Very honest about my situation and showed they cared, very professional. The office staff were very caring, outstanding in every aspect. This whole experience was life changing for me and my family.

I have recommended Dr. Gibson to others I've known with knee issues, I did have one friend ending up going to him for partial knee replacement in both knees after he visited other doctors who didn't seem to want to do the surgery. I will continue to refer possible patients to him.

-- Rob M.

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